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Keeper question. Fat Rob, Tyrell W. or Parker?


I’m keeping Baldwin in the 9th and planned on keep fat Rob but with the “hype” around Samaje Peerine (I know I butchered that) im wondering instead of keeping him in the 12th I should go with D. Parker or Tyrell Williams?


Tyrell is currently going in the 12th round, so I don’t see much value there.

Parker, Perine and Fat Rob are all going within a few spots of each other, so that makes it an interesting debate between your two options. Obviously Rob is a higher risk of losing his starting job… but then it comes down to how many WRs you plan on drafting (and your league format).

You’ll already have two if you go with Parker (and Baldwin), which would mean you’re playing/drafting from behind when it comes to RB (as I’m assuming most teams will keep at least one). It may be tempting to draft for value (regardless of position), but you might well end up with a lopsided team (too many WRs, not enough RBs).

As much hype as there is around Perine, it’s tough to presume that rookie RBs will suddenly burst into the spotlight and nab the full time starting job. Oftentimes, they have trouble picking up blocking schemes early on, and their QB gets a bit tired of getting sacked, so the OC goes with the veteran for longer than we fans expect.


I think fat rob is your guy. I loved him last year but was really concerned when they drafted perine. Between what the ballers are saying and what I am seeing from beat writers on twitter, it should be his job. Getting a solid starting RB that late is rare. I’d say you should be locked and loaded with doughboy.