Keeper Question for 12 tm standard league

I’m in a 12 team, standard scoring league where each team gets 1 keeper every year (the keeper value is the round you took the player in the previous year -1). I have a really difficult decision between keeping Nick Chubb with a 9th round value or Lamar Jackson in the 14th. I could either get a RB1 in the 9th round or the top 1-2 QB in the 14th… I need some input because I talk myself into the other side daily…

Keep Chubb, easy answer. I will never use a keeper pick on a QB in a 1 QB league. Too many quality options available at any point in the draft.

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I don’t like the idea of having chubb as my RB with hunt knocking on the door there, but a possible RB1 in the 9th rd is too good to pass up when you can get a serviceable QB in a standard league later. I’d keep Chubb, then gauge interest in trading him somewhere for a player with a more solidified position after your draft. see how your draft shakes out and fill in the needs you may have, chubb could get you a good return with the right buyer