Keeper question for tomorrow draft!

Got a situation, which I think shouldnt be one but I might be over thinking it:

10 man full ppr
3rd pick this draft

kamara as round 7 with one more year to keep as 6th next year

Kittle in the 8th round and keep him as a 7th rnd next year and 6th the following

I have always been on keeping Kamara but now with the 3rd pick i can most likely get both. Or just keep kamara and get another stud rb with the 3rd pick.

Any input would be appreciated. Cheers!!

Do you have a good feeling on who is going to go back into the draft? If you can get Kamara back at #3 or a back or WR like Adams/Hopkins, I’d keep Kittle for the value and redraft Kamara if he gets to you or next best.

my theory was getting kamara at 3 and keeping kittle. Or keep kamara and then I could get mcc or zeke and just be stacked at rb to start

If they’re going to be available, then I’d keep Kamara and get myself Zeke or CMC. I’d try to grab an Evans or AB if they’re available in the 2nd and then a Carson/Montgomery/Jacobs in the 3rd. That would be my strategy.

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appreciate the feedback. Thanks brotha

Kittle; if you can’t get Kamara, then the other stud RB’s in that range are fantastic options, providing Saquon, CMC, and Zeke are all on the board to translate into you getting Kamara back. If not grab NUK as there are bunch of other stud RB’s.