Keeper Question: Getting too cute with TE?

I have Zach Ertz in a 1/2-PPR, 3-player keeper league. I can keep up to 3 players, but no more than 1 per position. I currently have BOTH Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert. If I keep Ertz, he becomes my round 5 pick; DG would be my round 17 (out of 20) pick.

Would I be overthinking it to keep DG and try and draft a different late-end TE (Walker? Vance McDonald? Jack Doyle?) to open up my round 5 spot for another wideout or running back? (FYI: My other two keepers would be Chris Carson, round 14, and Kenny Golladay, round 9).

Thanks in advance for your input.

Ertz in round 5, Carson in 14, and Golladay in 9 are excellent keepers. Yes, you’re overthinking it if you’re even considering deviating from this plan. Regarding Goedert, the talent is there, however the opportunity is not (and Ertz has been solidly healthy in his NFL tenure). Great 3 keepers—don’t ruin it.


That’s what I thought. I just wanted to hear someone else confirm it. Thanks!

I second @Sack_Exchange

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I would much rather keep Ertz in the 5th (ADP is around the 3rd right now) than go for another WR or RB in that range. You’re looking at guys like Drake, Godwin, Landry, James White, Tarik Cohen, Mike Williams, and so on. You know what you’re getting in Ertz & you know he’s going to be involved in the offense. Plus TE is a wasteland & you’re getting a top 2-3 guy.

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