Keeper Question - Gordon, Thomas, Hill, McKinnon

2-Keeper league.

Melvin Gordon, Jerick McKinnon, Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill… Who are you keeping?

Melvin is definitely a keeper. Who would you keep in the other slot?

Thomas - Very consistent and ton of targets
Hill - Huge Boom or Huge bust opportunity
McKinnon - Great opportunity for Freeman type role with Shanahan in SF.

what round pick do you lose for each keeper?

All good players for the right price…

Prob keeping Melvin no matter what.

Then i would lean Thomas or mckinnon depending on format and penalty for keeping.

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with gordon you get to choose. its a nice luxury. you dont HAVE to go RB. if its me, i take hill out of talk because i dont want a boom bust guy as my WR1. there will be games where he doesnt do much, then the games where he has a 80 yard TD. so if its a WR you want, thomas all day. but, mckinnon is tempting. he has the opportunity to be an RB1, should at least be an RB2. getting your RBs locked up is always nice. if there are no round penalties, im probably looking at mckinnon. the upside is so nice. and in a year where everyone is going RB crazy again, the value is there to have 2 guys you can rely on. chances are if there are round penalties, his will be better anyway. so i say gordon and mckinnon.

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Would lose first two rounds if you keep two.

If they all cost the same, it’s Thomas for me and it’s not close.

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Gordon / Thomas of those. Safe play and high (likely) payoff.

I love Hill / McKinnon, but too much risk for a keeper when you can lock down the safe play AND studs.

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