Keeper Question: Guy drops OBJ. If I snag him from the waivers, I can keep him as my 12th round pick

Here’s the issue, I have David Johnson and I cannot afford two bench spots to IR guys, we have no IR slot. I also cannot pick DJ as my keeper because 1-3 round guys can not be kept and he was my first round pick. So, is it worth it to drop DJ and grab OBJ to plan ahead for my keeper knowing that someone could snag him as their keeper or should I just sit tight and see how the season plays out. It’s a Full PPR league as well.

David Johnson won’t be back to make any sort of difference to Fantasy this year. If I could wager a hypothesis.

I would do that yes. I’m not certain DJ plays again this year, and if he does it will be the end of the fantasy season and we aren’t sure how well he will do with 10 weeks off. Although I’m sure OBJ was a 1-3 round pick as well, so are you certain you can keep him?

Yea, I clarified the keeper rules with the commissioner and the 1-3 round rule only comes into play if you’re keeping a player you drafter or if you do a trade. That prevents people losing dumping their starters and people having them as keepers. So since this guy dropped OBJ, I can grab him off waivers and claim him as my 12th rounder.

I would do that. You already have basically a wasted bench spot with DJ on IR. You win with getting to keep OBJ for a 12th next year, and the guy who picks up DJ wins as well.

I’d do it. Since you can’t keep DJ someone else might draft him next year anyway. I would drop DJ for OBJ in a heartbeat and solidify a top end WR1 as your 12th round keeper.