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Keeper Question... Help Foot Clan


12 team 1/2 point PPR. I can keep Ty Montgomery in the 13th, or Tom Brady in the 4th. I know it goes against conventional Foot Clan wisdom which recommends quarterbacks late. However, last year, Tom Brady won me multiple games, and as a 4th round draft pick, represents great value. Pleas help, need to respond today.


I would go Ty, you kind of answered it for me. You can get a Mariota/Couisns/Luck in later rounds and load up on WRs early since you already have TY. and he is more valuable in .5ppr than standard


Usually I would say go with the better value and rb but I’d go Brady with this pick. He should go around there anyway. It you guaranteed getting him. Ty is a bust for me this year