Keeper question help please

Looking for some help picking my keeper. 12 team 1/2 point league 2RB 3WR 1 FLEX. 10th spot in the draft. Keep 1: Michael Thomas in the 2nd, Miles Sanders in the 6th or James Conner in the 15th?


Great value here. I’m going to have to say Miles Sanders in the 6th. At the 10th spot, you can snag two top tier WRs or a top tier WR and top tier RB. Even a top 2 TE. In a 12-team at the 10th spot, you’d probably be looking at Davante Adams, Julio Jones, or Tyreek Hill. At the 15th pick in the second round, you should be able to get a great Kelce, Kittle, or a solid RB2. You have Miles in the 6th which really helps you down the stretch. I’d probably go best WR available at 10 and then Kelce or Kittle in the second. Having a top 10 RB, top 4 WR, and top 2 TE before the 3rd round would be ideal. You can add depth later on. I hope this helps.

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Ditto this right here. Lets you take value wherever it is in future rounds.

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Yeah agreed to the 3rd.

Sanders > Conner > Thomas would by my keeper order with those three guys. Conner could be the best value but is much riskier to keep

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