Keeper question help!

Keeper question here, 12 team PPR .5 point per completion, super flex, auction draft $200 budget. First year doing keeper and I need to pick 2

Dak for $32

kyler murray for $26

Josh Allen for $14

Miles Sanders for $15

DJ Moore for $13

Trying to figure out the best value for the price appreciate the help.

since it’s SF you have 4 options. Everyone but Josh Allen. Depends on your preferred roster construction tbh, but I’d probably go with Dak and Sanders. I’d definitely keep 1 QB since you’re getting great value and it’s SF. I’d probably lean Dak>Kyler>Sanders>DJM, but really you can go with whoever you want. All are fine options.

Thanks, that is a pretty good idea, I was thinking of keeping dak and kyler but it would be nice to have a reliable rb as well