Keeper Question (Hopkins and DWill)

Hey guys!

In a 12-PPR, 1 Keeper league, would you keep Hopkins at the end of the 2nd, or Damien Williams in the 15th? Reasoning for your decisions are appreciated!!

The value on Williams is insane, but I still lean Hopkins.

There isn’t a wrong decision here though. Whoever you keep is a benefit to your team at a value price.


I would 100% keep Hopkins in the second.


Hopkins IS, Williams COULD be.
Hopkins Can’t be replaced by Hou, D Williams can Easily be replaced.
WRs stay Healthier and recover faster

With Respect: Fantasy is tough enough as it is, don’t intentionally make it harder…
Keep hopkins


Hopkins for sure. D Will could be out easily. Hop can’t


im surprised, i figured there would be more williams keepers in this chain.

im of the same mind as everyone else. i just dont think he makes it the whole year as the starter. either by injuy, or just because someone else is playing better. what i know is, hopkins will kill it even if watson gets hurt.

all that being said, i dont think for a second that hopkins is even close to the same value. williams that cheap is an absolute steal, and there are not many people i would keep over him for 1 round of value. it just so happens to be that hopkins is one of them.

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Awesome, thank you!

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