Keeper Question: Howard or Adams

Who do you keep: Jordan Howard or Davante Adams? 2 keeper league and my other keeper is OBJ.

I’ll take Howard

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Howard for sure

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For the same value?

This is really tough for me. I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if Adams was a top 5 receiver this year. He’s going to the be WR1 to arguably the best fantasy quarterback in football. I love Jordan Howard, always have, so I wouldn’t fault you for picking him, especially because that offense seems to be a lot better than last year. I think I lean Adams a little.

I think Adams is a significantly better play than Howard, but whether or not you’re keeping them for different draft pick slots makes a difference. If it’s the same/close. It’s Adams, by a lot.

That is a toss up. I’m a Packers fan and you would think I would be biased towards Adams. But in both real life and in fantasy I feel he can be very frustrating. Plus we don’t really know how Rodgers will do without Jordy. He struggled in 2015 when Jordy was injured (lowest QBR of his career). So while Adams has upside and potential longevity, I think the short term answer will be Howard.