Keeper Question: Hunt or OBJ?

This is a one keeper, 1/2 PPR 12 man league.

I usually like to keep a RB since they are harder to get. Right now they are back to back in ADP. Please advise.

Is there any keeper penalty? What are your starting lineup requirements?

No keeper penalty. Starting 2 WRs and 2 RBs with a flex.

I’d keep OBJ. When he’s healthy he’s a sure bet for high end WR1. Hunt had an awesome season but he’s going into the season with a new QB, new offensive coordinator, and a lot of general questions about what his usage will be.

Thanks! I was leaning that way too.

I like obj in this situation I see some regression in Hunt. Obj is solid all the time and if Saquan can free up the ground game it will open it up over the top for some one handed snags.

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OBJ all the way.

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I would go OBJ. Spencer Ware coming back and Coach Andy Reid. Hunt has more what if’s than OBJ.

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