Keeper Question-I need too keep 3

I am in a 12 team PPR League (Snake draft). I have the 12th pick and we can keep 3 players.
Which 3 Players should I keep?

  1. Keenan Allen in the 5th Round
  2. Larry Fitzgerald in the 7th Round
  3. LeSean McCoy in he 4th Round
  4. Kenyan Drake in the 11th Round
  5. Zach Ertz in the 9th Round


Keenan Allen in the 5th, Zach Ertz in the 9th and Kenyan Drake in the 11th.


keenan and fitz are easy. great, cheap WR core. then its kinda rough mcause mcoy… well who knows what happens there. and drake isnt locked into anything. so i would actually go ertz

I would go Allen, Ertz and Fitz. Drake in the 11th is good value, but I have no faith in the Miami offense and Drake will be sharing carries. Fitz is a beast in PPR, 100+ receptions 3 years in a row.

So…No trust in McCoy or Drake at all?

drake i dont hold trust in at all, mccoy i do trust, if he gets on the field. but with everything so up in the air with him and this case… its hard to beleive in right now.

Agree with the guys, I’d take Allen, Fitz and Ertz here - good value and in full PPR you can’t go too wrong. As for McCoy and Drake, really need to see how this McCoy news shakes out but as of right now he’s far too risky i mean if it’s true the guy is done. Drake… nothing is locked in and I’m very cautious of him, i mean if you are hell bent on getting an RB the value is good but i would take the three names above before Drake and if they were all fine and playing from week 1 i’d swap ertz for McCoy

Thanks for the help.

Drake’s ADP is 4th round. So is Fitz. Isn’t the value of taking Drake in the 11th better then Fitz in the 7th?

I know we all like Larry, but the team is a dumpster fire.

Like Drake or not, he has the opportunity to be the lead back for the Dolphins.

i would put dolphins as a dumpster fire, and the cardinals as a rising team IMO. larry has a great (but glass) QB throwing to him, and if not he has rosen who has a good chance to be… well good. drake on the other hand, had the backfield to himself, then they went and got gore, and drafted ballage. doesnt show a ton of confidence in him. so i dont have a ton in him either. at best i see him in a timeshare with the other 2, maybe getting 50% touches. and on that team, thats not enough for me to say no to fitz ya know?

I would argue that they signed Gore to the Vet minimum sallary. He’s not even a lock to make the team. Further, the Dolphins drafted Ballage in the 4th. That tells me that they do have confidence in Drake. The addition of those backs do not, in my opinion, negatively reflect on Drake himself. A team can not have just one RB. In a 53 man roster unusually there are 3-4. I imagine Ballage will get work on special teams in 2018.

counter argument would be, gore signed to a vet minimum salary because he believes he can still play, and went to a place where he is confident that he can and will play as either the guy, or at least with a bigger role than he would get elsewhere. they did have other RBs there and still do. granted, they are no names. but a 4th round guy dosent mean they wont use him, in fact a lot of 4th round guys have made good contributions to their teams. tarik cohen, marlon mack, jamaal adams, all 4th round guys. devante freeman and eddie lacy were both 4th rounders. the round doesnt matter so much as the talent. i know that them drafting later shows more faith than if they drafted early. but their draft position didnt really let them get one of the better guys. at 11 they couldnt really reach for a guy, so they went with minkah. by the time they picked again penny, michel, chubb, ROJO, all gone. so i get it i do, but there are plenty of reasons you can point to that would show why they didnt take one till the 4th. and bringing in frank gore shows more of them wanting to have a stop gap until next year. including that they signed gore before the draft. thats more telling than anything. i dont think anyone care truly look at that backfield and say they know exactly how it will play out. i mean last year, you would have called me crazy if i said that they were going to abandon jay ajayi for kenyan drake.

long story short, i dont really trust that backfield. they keep on drafting guys and then not using them. gillislee, ajayi, drake. and sure drake had 2 games where he was THE guy. but then they kinda just stopped giving him the workload. i know thats a bit nit picky since he still had the large share but so did ajayi. gillislee was starting to get the larger share at the end of his last season with them. so in the end, yeah larry fitz even if it is a dumpster fire, he is larry fitz and we know his role is secure. drakes, is not. you even said it yourself, he has the OPPORTUNITY. he doesn’t have it locked up.

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Allen, Fitz and Ertz for me.

Get the WRs and stud TE, then go RB heavy in the opening to help to balance? Assuming there are still RBs. IF it looks like there will be none really available, I can see an argument for keeping Drake just to get a (likely) RB2 on the team.