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Keeper question, I'm torn


The keepers for our league need to be in next week by Wednesday. It’s PPR scoring. We are allowed up to 3, and I am pretty sure about two of them-- S Diggs in the 4rth round and P.Rivers in the 11th.

This might seem like a silly question, but who would you keep between C. Kupp in the 6th round or Aaron Jones in the 10th round?

The other option is I can drop both. I would love to hear opinions.


What’s your roster look like homie? Cause I might even drop Rivers if you got someone else in mind.


Cam Newton in the 7th and Kenyon Drake, who while a 4rth, would have to move up to the 3rd since I am keeping S. Diggs with the 4rth.


Dang man this is a tough one. Do you have to keep anybody? I do like Diggs in 4th though. If you don’t have to keep anyone besides Diggs is there a penalty or anything?


Yeah man, if I had to pick 2 it would be Diggs and Jones, but If it was me I would probably only keep Diggs TBH. I think you can get all those other players at their current value or even later.


No penalty at all. I also have the #1 pick in the first the big four are all being kept though…