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Keeper question in 3 keeper league


I’m in a 3 keeper league and I have 1st pick this year. I’m leaning toward taking Fournette over Lynch for longevity. The scoring is standard. Any ideas on this? My other keepers will be Jeffery, CJ Anderson, and Wilson. Yes it’s a rough bunch I know…


Rough bunch is right - no other options? I’d definitely go Fournette over Lynch personally. Looks like you need someone you could potentially keep for multiple years and Lynch is not the answer there. Is there anyone else that your league members aren’t keeping who might be enticing?


Doug Martin is really the only other option I have keeper wise. My team was rough last year…
The only other player in the same area would be Crowell, The guy that has Jordan Howard has a decision to make on keeper, but other than that the pickings are slim for sure.


keep crowell then too. over, literally any of those guys. im probably taking him over russel wilson though. you can find a QB later to fill your needs. im not a huge fan of CJ this year, but at least you will get depth.

but yes its fournette for me as well. at least with him you have the potential for a RB1 for a while. with lynch you are looking at a maybe, for 2 years. youre already in a bit of a rebuild year so no need to try to play to win now.


Agreed… and it’s worth seeing if any other teams would be willing to trade a pick to have the right to keep Ruffles Wilson. Any value would be great.

Also… whether your league is 10 or 12 teams, I’d be surprised if Fournette and Lynch were your only two (or even your two best) options at 1.01 when keepers finally lock and the draft rolls around. Just as you see your team scrambling to have 3 acceptable keepers, other teams will be releasing excess talent back, which could leave you with several good options right there. If the talent pool is cheap enough (say you had 4 can’t-miss options at the top of the draft), you could trade back to the 1.03 and 1.04 and maximize the value of your 1.01…


It’s definitely the way I’m thinking is leaning Fournette and going with several rookies for the future


Just to make sure I understand, you get keepers and you have the 1.01 pick? What do the keepers cost and who are the top 5 players available?
Also Crowbar over Mr. Anderson all day long with Charles and Booker in that Denver backfield.


I was only saying the Crow might now get kept, so if he is available to draft he may get attention. The keepers aren’t locked in until draft day so I’m not sure who all is available, but new info is that J Howard might be available for drafting. Yes though I get the 1.01 and the 3 keepers


Or would you roll the dice with Joe Mixon at 1?


I like Mixon, but I like Howard more. They are both young and talented, but Howard has the backfield as a bell cow. Though, Mixon has a better overall offense.

I am personally really high on Howard just because he was crazy consistent with his touches last year, and I predict positive regression on his TDs.


I agree 100 percent on that. If Howard isn’t available part of me leans Mixon over Fournette. If he is available it’s Howard easy