Keeper Question? In my Keeper league

in a .5 PPR league where you keep 2 (different positions)+ a rookie. I got

My roster right now that i could keep. keep in mind i dont have a 1st round, 3rd round or 4th round pick.
keenan allen

I was offered CMC and kerryon jonhson and 2nd rounder for Saquan.

This would make my keepers CMC,Julio and Keryonn instead of Julio, connor, saquan. BUT i would have an extra second round pick.

I could still flip Connor and Keenan for a low pick in offseason but what you all think?

i would deff take the CMC/Johnson/2nd round for saquon trade…

CMC alone could finish higher then saquon this year and you are adding a back in kerryon that could break out and finish higher then connor at the end of the season.

I would trade Connor for kerryon + 2nd (jacobs/montgomery could both be here)

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homie above said it all. the difference between CMC and barkley wont be huge no matter who finishes better (barring injury) so factor that in with the added value… yeah its CMC+ side. only thing that might sway me is keeper costs but it seems like its no draft capital lost.