Keeper Question in Superflex

I’m in a PPR, 2 keeper superflex league. I have the 1.1, drafting Bell, and keeping Kamara in the 12th. Who should I go with for my second keeper?

M. Gordon in the 3rd?
B. Roethlesberger in the 7th?

Thanks for your help!

Gordon in the 3rd!! Long as you have a flex

You can draft a better QB in a later round, Depending on how many QBs are being kept

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agreed. rothlesberger isnt so ground breaking as to be a NEED at QB in the 7th. having bell, kamara, AND gordon? give me that sweet sweet RB advantage. you can still find replacements for ben in the 5th-8th round. which should be a focus of yours. you got the RBs, now get the QBs and you can make a good WR core in the later rounds of a superflex. people like sammy watkins will drop to the 8th 9th range. BTW are you sure bell will be there?

Definitely Gordon