Keeper question involving Tyreek

Hey Footclan. I’m doing some mock drafts for my home league. We can keep 5 players, then draft rounds 6-15. I’m keeping Hopkins and Juju, but unsure about the other 3. Rounding out my top 6 are Aaron Jones, Kerryon, Damien Williams, and Tyreek Hill. Who would be your other 3, assuming Tyreek does not get suspended? I’d pick the 3 RBs if he did get suspended. Thanks in advance

If you’re doing the draft today, you have to go with the 3 RBs. If not, I’d wait and see if we get an answer about Hill. I wouldn’t risk it if there’s still a question on how long he will be suspended for. Jones/Kerryon/Williams at RB with Nuk/JuJu at WR is pretty nice.

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if its me, juju and Dhop are locks like you said. so is kerryon and jones (jones is growing on me a lot) and then i would keep hill. if for nothing else but to be able to keep him again next year. hill WILL be suspended, either this year or the next. but his potential is through the roof. add in that he is still on the team, and things are looking better for him… you may get away with hill on a 2 game suspension. i still think it will end up at 4 games, but he might be able to appeal it and get it to 2. i just want the WR who could be THE WR1, over a RB we have seen some good things from, but never for a full season. plus, if its only 2 WR rosters with no flex, you wont even have to worry about playing him with hop and juju.

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If we knew for sure what the outcome of the Hill situation will be, then he would be a no brainer keep. But it depends on how much of a gamble you want to take. The safe thing to do for this season would be to keep the 3 RBs.

If I’m in your situation I would keep Hopkins, JuJu, Jones, Kerryon, & Hill. I’d be willing to gamble on Hill because you have 2 top WRs to rely on already. I like Williams in the KC offense, but I don’t trust him to be the long term solution for them & you know how involved Tyreek will be.

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Hill could also be suspended for the whole season too. Again, we don’t know what’s going to happen. But I do know that Williams is currently the starting RB for one of the best offenses in the league.

I play for the win every season, I don’t play for the next season. I’m not going to waste a roster spot on a guy who has a significant suspension. If it’s 2-4 games then yes, but I’m not risking that roster spot until we know more about the length of the suspension.

well keep in mind, my advice on this is based off of what i think will happen. the more time that passes, i think the better it is for him. i genuinely believe it will be around 4 games so for me, its just a question of is it 2, 4, or 6 games.

the second part was referring to if it is something like an 8 game suspention he will be there for any playoff push, AND give you the option to keep him again next year. because i dont see it as a waste of a roster spot for hill, unless it really is a full year or longer suspention. well, if it gets into fantasy football playoff time is when he comes back too. players of that caliber are worth holding onto IMO. especially so that someone else doesnt get him for free.

otherwise, i completely agree with what you have said, i just think (or maybe hope… lifetime chiefs fan) that his suspension isnt what it would have been around draft time when this all started going really south for him.

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@BusterD I’m hoping it doesn’t turn into a Zeke situation from a couple years ago. Where he fights the suspension and plays like a turd because he has so much off field issues going on. Then the suspension finally hits during the fantasy playoff push where you really needed him and the suspension isn’t reduced at all lol. I had Zeke that season and it was THE WORST.

that, is my one legit concern with tyreek from a fantasy football perspective. the baby mama drama is real. they just had twins and she is already trying to take full custody, AND get a DNA test to find out if they are even his. the mental strain might really damper his ability.

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