Keeper question - J. Gordon, Dion, Edelman, lose 12th for each

Looking for some advice, I need to select my keeper for this year however I’m torn between Josh Gordon (lose a 12th rounder for him this year), Dion Lewis (lose a 12th rounder for him this year), and Julian Edelman (lose a 12th rounder for him this year). There are a lot of unknowns with Gordon and Lewis and Edelman is obviously suspended for 4 games and coming off ACL injury.

Thanks for your input!

I think it’s Gordon by a long shot.

They all have risk and since they all have risk you take the one with the most upside and that’s gordon.

If you league is thin for RB which it shouldn’t be if each team is only keeping 1 then I could see a world where you consider Dion but I don’t think that is the case here.