Keeper Question - Jackson, Chubb, Dalvin Cook. NO picks first three rounds

Alright I’ve got a fun situation. After selling my soul to the devil last year I won the championship (worth it) - but now I have ZERO draft picks in rounds 1-3. I can keep 2 players from my championship team. What should I do?

10 person, 1/2 PPR, 1 QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE, 2 Flex, K, DEF

Keeper options (pick 2):
Lamar Jackson - for an 8th round pick
Nick Chubb - for a 13th round pick
Dalvin Cook - for a 12th round pick.

My gut says Jackson and Cook, but Cook is so injury prone… but Chubb has a concussion and also Kareem Hunt behind him…


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I would probably take Cook and Chubb both since you don’t have any top round picks. Can always look to target both Hunt and Mattison if you wanted and just have those backfield locked up. I feel like both handcuffs will also have stand alone value as well this year.

but to give up Jackson with an 8th round value?? I know, I know, I’m usually the last one to take an early QB…but Jackson won me two championships last year lol. that’s hard to ignore… am I being stupid?

But the value between QB’s isn’t as big of a difference as what you would be giving up with the RB’s seeing as you don’t have a pick until round 4.

arghhhh my head says Cook and Chubb but my heart is telling me Cook and Jackson. lol He was so fun last year!

…but everything you’re saying makes so much sense. ugh.

Maybe you can snag Watson in the 4th, the load up on WR’s

While I agree it is hard to let go of Jackson, if you hold on to the running backs you are essentially getting your round 1/2 picks. I get that Lamar would likely be top 3 rounds, but as noted you can make up ground at QB far easier than you can at RB.

If you prefer to keep Lamar, which I do understand, I would personally hold Chubb. His concussion is not seen as a big deal and there is no history of that for him. I’d not let that worry me, but if it worries you then I have no idea how you are not terrified of Cook given injury history :wink:

Hunt is a thing, but I am suspecting Mattison to eat a bit more than folks are predicting. I think they both will be productive and I would not be worried about either, which is why I would take the two of them. IMHO the upside / downside for both are pretty matched and neither has me worried.

My two cents, but I hope it helps!