Keeper question kamara vs. Connor

I am in a 12 team league. we have IDPs and we use 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1TE, 1 Flex, 1K, 1 DL, 1 LB, 1 DB. I draft in position 11 this year. I can keep 1 player at each position. I have rights to keep Kamara in Rd 1, Connor in RD 9. Other keepers that I am already planning to keep are Baker at QB in Rd 13. Kittle in Rd 11, Juju in Rd. 7. Inital reaction is to keep Connor Rd 9. But Kamara would give me at least 4th best RB, WR, TE and at least 7th at QB. Connor performance at end of year and addition of RBs in Pitt has me spooked a little. Kamara as 1.11 seems like it may be too good to pass up. Other teams keepers will make 1st round picks less than normal value. I am thinking that I should keep Kamara and get a 2d WR1 with pick 2.2. I know that Thielen and Michael Thomas will be in pool because they are on my roster. Thielen in Rd 4 and Thomas in Rd 2. last year. Thoughts?

This is a single QB league. Do not waste a 7th round pick at QB. I would keep Kamara, Kittle, JJSS, and Conner. Conner in the 9th round is incredible value.

I can only keep 1 at each position. I will be keeping Baker(who I believe to be in top 7 QBs this year) for a 13th round pick. But I must choose between the RBs.

Thank you for taking time to reply.

Ah I see. Only one per position. That is a pretty lame restriction unfortunately.

If that’s the case, Conner in 9th round seems like the better bet. Do you know who the other people are keeping? I’m sure there are other guys who have 2 work horse RBs who have to release on back into the pool. Same with the elite WRs. So you may be able to snag someone else in round 1. I.e. you can potentially got MT in the 1st round. MT + Conner > Kamara + whatever you getting in the 9th.

I would keep Kamara in the 1st. You’re essentially getting that player at the 11th spot. Something you’d never be able to do in a redraft league.

Otherwise your 1st round pick is going to be more like a 5th round player (each team keeps 4 players).

I agree with @MikeMeUpp. I don’t generally keep QBs in a 1 QB league.