Keeper Question: Kareem vs. Le'Veon?

16 Team .5 PPR; Just found out I have the 10th pick in the draft, need to keep one:

Le’Veon Bell with the 10th pick in the 1st Round

Kareem Hunt in the 3rd Round (42nd Pick)

My two competing thoughts are that (1) with it being a 16 team league, position scarcity is important so having arguably the best RB in the league at the 10th pick is highly valuable; however (2) Kareem in the 3rd would mean I would essentially have two first round players and a second rounder in the first three vs. a first, second, and third round player.

What are your thoughts?

tough, but getting a positional advantage at RB in the 3rd (which is more like a 4th since its 16 team) is vary valuable. younger, so you can keep longer depending on your keeper rules. isnt a slouch of an RB. was the 3rd best FFB RB his rookie year. 11 TDs, 1800 yards with 53 receptions. thats big time. and his slump he had middle of the season, it wasnt as bad as everyone makes it out to be. it was just consistent points with 1 really bad week. it just happened to happen all in a big stretch. i do still agree that leveon is the better player obviously, and positional advantage is very important in any format that you have too may players or too few. but in a 16 man keeper, round advantage is far more important. i would prefer to get (by my guess) AJ green/howard/CMC and hunt, VS leveon and larry fitz/alex collins/ Demaryius thomas.