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Keeper Question: Keep Two


I’m In a 12 team standard league where you can’t keep any player drafted in the first 4 round, but you can keep 2 players drafted in the 5th or later for 2 years at the same value as they are drafted.

I’m picking 2nd overall so I will have Bell or Johnson.

Keep 2:

  • Baldwin as a 5th
  • Luck as a 6th
  • D. Henry as a 9th
  • Eifert as a 10th
  • Winston as a 15th
  • K. Dixon as a 16th


Baldwin and Winston


Baldwin in the 5th and Luck in the 6th are really tempting to me.

Everyone else I feel like could be around in those rounds if you wanted them again.


I am definitely thinking Baldwin is the easiest one to take. Then I am struggling with the second. Leaning towards Winston over Luck though. I can get a starter in the 6th but to get a starter in 15th round (albeit a QB) is really nice. Plus Winston as a 15th next year will likely be even better.

Eifert is also very tempting for me though. Big injury risk but as a 10th rounder the risk is greatly lessened.


I’d say Winston and Dixon. Dixon is starting out suspended, but after that he will be the lead back in Baltimore, and to get him in the 16th? Even if he busts, you aren’t losing anything. Winston in the 15th seems like a steal to me.