Keeper Question - Kerryon, Kittle, Edelman

I am in a 12-team, PPR, 12th Pick, 1 keeper league. We have 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, K, Def. I need to choose one of the following keepers:

Kerryon Johnson - 6th Round
George Kittle - 9th Round
Julian Edelman - 10th Round

Best Value in my opinion is George Kittle (pick 108 for a player ADP of sub 36). But having Kerryon sitting there for the 6th and no star runningbacks being available at pick 12 or 13, i am considering going receivers.

Thanks for your input.

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I’m stuck in the same boat, Kittle is my 11th versus Kerryon in my 6th and the more I read the more I lean Kerryon. the 264 Vacated touches in their backfield with the departure of LGB and Theo means that the 150 Kerryon saw last year needs to see a large uptick. Kittle just has me looking back thinking how hard it is to pass on that kind of value pick but I just don’t see that offense revolving solely around him this year with that RB core mildly healthy and the emergence of some new WR’s.

Let me know what you choose to do!

Kerryon for sure. I can only assume the 11 other teams might be keeping an RB also. Especially with question marks around Zeke Gordon and Gurley. Kittle will never match or exceed his 2018 season. Especially with Pettis breaking out at the end of last season. I’m drafting 9th in my league and I’m lucky to get kerryon in the 3rd in mock drafts.

Kerryon my wayward son.

I am going to go with Kerryon. Kamara, McCaffery, Gurley, Saquon are all being kept. There wont be two running backs worth while at 12 and 13. I might go WR-WR there and see what falls to me in the third (i might take chubb or someone similar at 12/13). But at least i will have one of my running backs locked in and maybe Kittle or Ertz will slide to me.

George Kittle.
Only one of the 3 who is in top tier at poisition.
Gives you a top tier player at a position with so few.
He’s the #1 reciever in a very good and well coached offense
There’s a lot of Running back talent in the mid-late rounds if you know where to look for it.
Same with WR.
If you trust Detroit, Matt Patricia over Shanahan and the 49’ers then go Kerryon. Kerryon might pay off, Kittle WILL pay off.

Edleman is good, but too many concerns with him and Gordon playing does drop Edleman’s value. a tad.

Thanks for your input. I love Kittle but scared that i wont get crap for running backs since so many are being kept and i have the last pick of the first round.

havent read anyone elses comment so i may be echoing a thought.

i think you hit the nail on the head in your post. KJ isnt the best value there. but what he is, is an RB2 at worst, with RB1 upside. and i lean toards him being a low end RB1. i love kittle, but he doesnt give you the pure advantage that you will need to have it be worth it. although not having to worry about TE is nice. edelman has pretty good value, but he is a WR in a WR world. you may not even use him if you start back to back WRs.

to me, its simple. if its close, the nod goes to the RB. they are highly important, and there are not a ton of them you can rely on week in and week out. so if its me, im keeping KJ, then going with WRs for my first 2 picks. if youre lucky, it will be julio and MT. thats the kinda of start i would love. KJ, with 2 power house WRs.