Keeper Question - Last Year (Can keep 4)


Last year of our 3-year keeper league and I’m looking for some opinions on how you’d round out your keepers in this situation. So its 4pt PPR in a 14 team league. I won last year, so outside trades, I will be last in every round (which worries me not keeping 2 RBs). My two no doubt keepers are Davonte Adams and Joe Mixon. After that my options are OBJ, Lamar, Melvin G, and David Johnson. I was thinking of taking OBJ and Lamar but not taking two RB while I can worries me that my RB2 might be Robert Craft by the time my 1st round pick comes back to me. Its 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 flex so WRs aren’t as hard to come by. Thanks in advance

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