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Keeper Question Lev Bell / Dez Bryant


Hey guys,

I am in a standard keeper auction league with a $200 budget and I have a chance to take Lev’on Bell for $60 for next season. Is this a no brainer? looking for some thoughts

Also I have a chance to take Dez Bryant for $50 dollars. Is it worth to take him as well?

This would cost me $110, but it gives me two sealed people at their valued prices I believe. Need some help getting out of my head.


Just to say upfront, I have never done an auction league.

But I feel that two players taking up over 50% of your isn’t the best strategy, unless it was Bell and maybe Julio Jones or something like that. Personally I am not the highest person on Dez this year. I think he will be great but for your situation, I feel like I would either keep someone else or not keep Dez and see what you can get for him in the auction.

So in short, I would say yes grab Bell for $60. (Seems expensive, but you have a RB1 who will win you weeks that you will never remove from your line up). And I would say no to Dez.

My opinion, and again, I have no auction league experience.


Appreiate the feedback.

I did alittle more research and I do think you’re right. Dez is not as valuable as I thought he was and not worth that price tag. I do think Bell is valuable at that $60 price and I don’t think most of my team last year is worth the tag as well. 1st year auction and overpaid on a few people.