Keeper Question - Sanders, AJ Brown, Mark Andrews

Hey guys got a PPR keeper question. Pick one of the following:

Miles Sanders Round 6
AJ Brown Round 12
Mark Andrews Round 13

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks in Advance

@mzoccali21 Both Andrews and Brown are tempting for that value, but when you account for position scarcity Sanders in the 6th would be my choice!

Thanks for the insight! Im torn between Sanders and Brown. I have two reasons why i lean Brown. One being i have the 2nd pick in my draft and can secure a top RB there. Two being the leagues keeper system. Brown can be a long term keeper, subtracting two rounds for each year you keep them. Sanders would be a one maybe two year keeper with that 6th rd value.

Need to decide if it’s better to win now, or play for the future. Sanders may only have 2 morenyear after this year for value, but for this year could have 2 top RBs and find the next AJ brown laye in the draft too.

Sanders is a borderline 1st this year. Get your stud.