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Keeper question: thielen or McKinnon


In a full pint ppr. Can keep thielen or McKinnon in the 9th. Leaning toward thielen but I have the 5th pick and Gurley and kamara are being kept. Please help


You are keeping Gurley and Kamara? If that is the case then the answer is Thielen 100%. Not even a contest.


I think he means gurley and kamara are being kept so he won’t have a shot at them at 1.05.

Thielen is the safer guy… Mckinnon is the upside guy but could bust… So go with what your draft style


Yea sorry. Kamara and Gurley are being kept by others. So I was just thinking of keeping a starting rb in the 9th might be safer


McKinnon would be my keeper here. I love Thielen in the 9th, but having the upside of an RB1 in the 9th is insane value


I would roll McKinnon as well just due to value. He could bust, but he could be a RB1 in the 9th. I think Diggs is the guy to own in Minn this year, not that I dislike Thielen at all. I just think the value for McKinnon is to much to pass


I agree but it’s scary to pass on thielen when I know he’s a 5-6 catch a game. McKinnon is tempting but unproven right now. No clue what to do.


Yeah. Gimme McK