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Keeper Question: Thomas or Howard


1/2 ppr. I have the second pick in a 10 team one keeper league. Do I keep Howard in the 12th or Thomas in the tenth? Other players being kept are Zeke, Johnson, McCoy, Freeman, Murray, Bell, Brown, Evans, and Gordon.


Keep Howard for sure. With everyone else being kept you won’t do better then Howard in the 1st round. But you can do better than Thomas in the 1st. You’ll be able to pair Howard with Julio or Odell. Now that’s winning.


I’m with @Rob43 keep Howard. Just based on how heavy that keeper list is on RBs, I wouldn’t chance it and end up running CJA as your RB1 or something.


Yeah I agree with @Rob43 and @ReginaPatFF, Howard in the 12th and pair him with a tier 1 WR. I would also pick up some other RBs later though. Gillibear or Miller might be good pairings depending on how they fall to you.