Keeper question Thomas vs Jeffery

I have my other 2 keepers set, but this is my last decision. This is basically a standard league with a higher TD focus and I have bother D Thomas and Alshon. I like them both and do think that Jeffery scores slightly more TDs, but his rotator cuff surgery has me scared and the fact that last year was the first year in many that he didn’t miss several games. Thomas has a new QB, but that may mean nothing either. What are your guys thoughts on the two?

This is a very very tough choice for me. They are both very similar WR’s but D Thomas has a more consistent and proven Track record. The safer bet I think is D Thomas.
Have you tried to trade either one and see if you can get draft pick or another position you might need?

The good thing is that this is basically a 1 year rental as I have the number 1 pick and am taking Barkley so I will be getting rid of whoever it is next year and staying with Wilson, Hunt, and Barkley

If its a 1 year rental id go D Thomas for sure then.

DT by a lot for me. He was 9th in targets last year. They were just awful targets from awful players. He’s one of the easiest cases in the league to make for a positive correction.

I’ll take Thomas’ durability.

Beautiful, you have talked me into Thomas, who I have always loved, just not last year, ha.