Keeper Question - Value or Top Picks

2 Keeper league, 10 team, full PPR. you lose the round of player you keep plus 1 round up from the previous years spot (2nd rounder turns into a 1st rounder, 7th to a 6th etc)

Saquon/CMC as 1st & 2nd rounders
One of the above as a 1st + Kerryon Johnson as an 8th rounder.

Ive posted on this board a few times assuming that im keeping Saquon and CMC since they are the closest thing to surefire RB1’s you can get pre draft but Kerryons ADP keeps going up and up.

Thoughts? Do I go value or keep 2 of the top 5 overall draft picks?


Full PPR, don’t overthink, go Saquon & CMC.

Kerryon in the 8th sounds like a great value, but he’s also not a surefire RB1 like you said. Think of it this way, if it was full redraft and you ended up with Saquon & CMC with your 1st two picks you’d be sitting pretty.


I think the value of kerryon in the 8th is good, but at the same time getting mccaffrey or barkley for a 2nd is also a good, value, would stick with those two

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Thanks guys, obviously ive been leaning this way but im such a sucker for value…that being said, Ive been thinking keeping one of those guys away from everyone else in the league is a major bonus to the second round value as well.

Kerryon is value for sure but injury concerns and just general incompetence of the staff still has questions marks. I’d say his ADP is around 3rd round range so you’re getting about 5 rounds of value there. In a full PPR format, getting Saquon and CMC who are basically the top 2 picks is a huge advantage. I love value too but getting Barkley and CMC is a lock. Wouldn’t overthink this one too much.


Agree 100% with what @MikeMeUpp said. CMC a guaranteed top 4 pick is available to you in the 2nd round essentially.

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Yeah the value on Kerryon is great but CMC in the second round? Yes please.

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You have to keep these two! So - think of next year and start planning for a late round pick that may emerge - just shout to those responding… who would that later round potential pick be? Maybe Rashad Penny? Devin Singletary? Just a thought…

I’m fully on board with this conclusion. Matt Patricia is simply not a good head coach. The OC is also not up to par in my opinion. Saquads and CMC are the way to go. Remember, you want safety in those early rounds, and those guys are pretty dang safe.