Keeper question, Zek, AB, Hunt, McKinnon?

Pick 2 Keepers,
1/2 ppr 14 team league
Random draft order determined AFTER keepers determined. (so assume average pick of 7th)

Zek 1st
Brown 1st
Hunt 3rd
McKinnon 9th
Michael Thomas 13th

I think Michael Thomas is a clear choice due to the amazing value, but who for the second?

McKinnon has great value, but his preseason injury concerns me.
Hunt has pretty good value also, but maybe a bit of bust potential.
Or do I saddle a Stud and go Zek or AB in the first round?

I’d go Zeke and Thomas if I were you. Hunt and McKinnon are great values there but I have my concerns with them. You know you’re getting a stud RB who be an RB1 or RB2 in at least 15 of 16 games this year (if he continues his studly production from the past two years). Hunt will have his weeks where he just disappears and will get a decreased workload, and McKinnon is dinged up already and has his question marks.
As for AB I love him but gotta start your team off with a stud RB, you’ve got a beast WR in MT and gotta grab the position with more scarcity.