Keeper Question - Zeke and Mckinnon

10 team half-point ppr 9th pick 1 keeper

Can keep Zeke in the 2nd or Mckinnon in the 16th round.

In Zeke situation, RB’s will probably look like Zeke, Lamar Miller, Mark Ingram

In the Mckinnon situation, RB’s will probably be Gordon, Mckinnon, Lamar, Ingram.

WR’s would be the same - Julio, TY, Fitzy, Hogan

Basically comes down to do you like Zeke/Miller Combo or Gordon/Mckinnon/Miller combo?

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i love love LOVE zeke this year. so its hard for me to pass on him. but, the value is undeniable. im also a big believer in gordon so getting him and an RB2 for free, im about it. but it is very hard to say no to zeke. you just have to. even if you have no faith in mckinnon. someone does. you can trade him at that point and get someone you DO believe in. and your still getting him for free. the only question i have is, with it being keepers, are you sure gordon will be there?

Give me Zeke all day. McKinnon is overrated AF and there’s a more than realistic chance that he sh*ts the bed as he has done his entire career and goes into a significant split with Breida/Williams. Even though its the 16th round and some may view that as extreme value and I would agree, to me, getting Zeke in the 2nd round is also absurd value. I could make a more than legitimate argument for Zeke as 1.01 in any format. So the value between that and the 2nd round and McKinnon where I would personally draft him (4th/5th) and the 16th round is a risk I don’t really want to take. I also expect zeke to get more involved in the pass game this year purely out of necessity. Truly believe has has a good shot at out scoring both gurley and bell.

Having Zeke/Miller as my RB 1 / 2 is more than fine to me. When Watson is healthy, miller is an RB2 floor with Rb1 upside. And you’re WRs are solid. Not to mention you’re going to get Mark Ingram back after week 4 who is an RB1 upside as well. Once Ingram comes back, I bet McKinnon wouldn’t even make it onto your starting roster. Don’t buy into the hype, take the guys that have shown they can produce. Not the one that all the dreamers think will perform just cause of coaching. McKinnon is not a good RB, never has been, never bwill be.

In a 10 man league, it is all about getting positional advantages, not about depth. You want guys who dominate the starting slots and Zeke is definitely that. McKinnon has no shot of doing that. Although I love Gordon, he is nowhere close to Zeke and will never touch his rushing yards.

Honestly, assuming you have standard roster settings like 2RB/2WR/Flex or 2RB/3WR/Flex, McKinnon shouldn’t even make it onto your starting lineup if you play the positional matchups well with your WRs.

JJ is an everyweek starter. Hilton is probably an everyweek starter with a healthy lucky. And then you can flex with Fitz/Hogan(totally underrated stud, catching from the GOAT as the WR1 after Gronk), and Ingram.

Trust me, take zeke. 2nd round Zeke is incredible value.

We can only keep players for 1 year and Gordon was kept last year, so he’ll be there!

I would go with the Gordon/ McKinnon side. Although I don’t love Lamar Miller

That is what I’m thinking. I personally think Zeke is a monster and possibly #1 overall, but getting an RB2 in the 16th is just playing in my head. Those WR’s is who I would target based on ADP and my draft position, so thats why I go Zeke as well.

Let me alleviate that for you. McKinnon is not a locked and loaded RB2. He is the most overated RB this year. Stop thinking as if you’re going to get an RB2. Think about it as you’re getting a potential risky RB2 which is what he is vs THE potential RB1. Like I said, there’s a strong likelihood given that roster, McKinnon doesn’t even start for you ever as an RB. Maybe get some flex plays out of him. I’ll start Ingram over him in most matchups. I’ll take the combo of Zeke + Miller/Ingram over Gordon + McKinnon/miller all day every day.

Zeke. Zeke. Zeke. Zeke. Zeke. Zeke.

If you’re choosing between McKinnon and Zeke, I don’t care what the rounds are. Take Zeke.