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Keeper Question


12 team standard (no ppr) league with each team allowed to keep up to 3 players. Players kept will be slotted into the first 3 rounds of the draft, depending the number of players kept. I have the 1.10 pick (which really is the 4.10 after the keepers have been decided). My team consists of the following players…
QB: Brees
HB: Howard, Gurley, Ware, Anderson, and Kelly
WR: Julio Jones, AJ Green, Michael Thomas, Keenan Allen, Alshon Jeffery, and Larry Fitzgerald
TE: Eifert and Brate
Who would you keep?


No brainer Howard, Julio, Green


If its me i go jones, green, and thomas. Although howard is up there for me, you just cant deny the raw power of a wr core like that. Ill find other RBs to fill in.


Julio and AJ are automatic.

I don’t think you can be faulted for Thomas or Howard. However, based on what you listed I’d have to say Howard. The only question is how many TD opportunities will he have this year on what will likely be a poor Bears team? With Keepers, I’d have to guess that the majority of the top 3 or 4 tiers of RB talent are gone. If you keep all 3 WRs, and waiting for 9 more guys to go, you’re going to need to hit 100% on your RBs. I think Howard gives you flexibility. Still plenty of WRs to bolster your lineup. RBs drop quickly.


For me I’d also go Jordan Howard, Julio Jones, and AJ Green. I have Jordan Howard in the exact same league format, someone offered me Thomas for Howard and I turned it down.


actually yeah now that i see that i overlooked that it is standard, it makes it a lot easier to say howard over thomas. in a PPR you can pick up guys late like powell and woodhead, who will get you 5 catches a game along with the running. but since its standard those guys really dont do much for you. with a powerhouse core of WRs you can get away with that in PPR. so i do change my mind to howard over thomas.


I can trade players away but any player I get in return is automatically a kept player. Most of the league members in the league im in will veto a player for draft pick because they feel its unfair. Probably won’t be able to get Bell, Johnson, Zeke, Brown or Beckham so is it even worth trading any of the players on my team for a player(s). Thanks for the advice already.


As stacked as you are at WR, it’s easy to think you should also keep a guy like Michael Thomas… but I agree with @Gwill250 – Very high odds that a 3 keeper league will mean (extreme?) scarcity at top RBs. That said, I’d say Howard is your only truly reliable RB, so I’d stick with him and your two Top-5 WRs.


@Mr_ButterFace Yah I’m in the same exact position as @BurnsFrederick. 3 player keeper league and have pick 1.10. I’ve done a couple mocks with the expected keepers of the league inputed and the RBs that are left are less than desirable.


I’m in the same predicament. Just joined a 14-team, 2 keeper league and it’s rough. No good RB keeps on my original team, but there are keeper restrictions so I’m hoping I can snag a decent RB with my 5th overall pick.