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In a 10 team PPR, im already set on keeping Michael Thomas for a 7th, would you rather keep Melvin Gordon for a 4th rounder or McKinnon for a 19th, with 3 more possible years of keeping him at 17,15,13?

Gordon for me. But that’s cause I don’t believe in McKinnon at all and I know Gordon is a border 1st round stud. Rather have the guy who I know is going to give me top 5-6 numbers every year than trust the dude who has literally done absolutely nothing to show he can be successful in the NFL. As much as I love Shannohan, I find the comparisons to Freeman absolutely ridiculous. Freeman is 10x the runner McKinnon is. I have and will likely own, no shares of McKinnon.

I’m willing to die on this hill.

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Gordon forsure.

Mckinnon is a great flyer and if he hits then yes the next 3 year value would be amazing…

But i think Melvin is a great value in the 4th and is the safer bet to be amazing.

Ok I see where you’re both coming from. Melvin is a rb1 and very very safe. Upside of top 3 rb. McKinnon is a wildcard. His workload should be a 3 down back. Drafted as a rb2 and expected to be. Rb1 upside. The keeper situation is sexy. He’s basically a free rb this year and then I would my fourth round pick still. It’d be like starting off with McKinnon and someone like Golden Tate, DT, Amari etc.

couldn’t have said it better myself.

And that’s not a bad way to view it. But @MikeMeUpp is right. McKinnon has had plenty of opportunity to show he is the man and what did he do? He got passed by Matt Asiata (womp womp) and this past year he couldn’t keep Latavius Murray off of the field. I have no trust in McKinnon to hold up to the workload or the expectations.

It’s completely irrelevant what he was “drafted as”. It’s been 3 years and he hasn’t lived up to it at all even though he said been given every single opportunity. Also any team that takes an RB in the first 3 rounds is usually expecting that guy to be their lead guy. And the fact that a team took him in the third and he still lost the job to a guy like Asiata who is no longer on a team should tell you all you need to know. On top of that the Vikings had to bring in Murray, and then drafted another guy to take over for AP in cook. How many more signs do people need to see before they realize what McKinnon is? A really gifted athlete who doesn’t cut it at the next level. He’s a gadget player. Also by what measure are you saying McKinnon will be a 3 down back? He has literally done nothing his entire career of being in the NFL to show he is capable of doing that. Couldn’t even beat out latavius Murray last year when cook when down. He’s been in the league for 3 years. Time to open your eyes. As good as Shanahan is, hes not a miracle worker. McKinnon is nowhere near the level of runner as freeman is so to just assume McKinnon will become what freeman was in Atlanta is ludicrous. So yeah I’ll take my locked and loaded RB1 in Gordon for a 4th rounder no problem.

Career McKinnon > Melvin yards per catch and carry. McKinnon was never going to be the goalline back with latavius either. Will be the goal line back this year

Everything about what Andy Mike and Jason say would be suggesting McKinnon is the right keep.

Again, not sure how important this argument is for someone who has never had more than 160 carries. Also, his numbers are nothing to brag about. When he finally did get 150+ carries, he averaged 3.4 and 3.8 ypc which is actually less than Gordon’s career average. The only time he was efficient as a runner was when he had 50 carries lol. Volume is king in fantasy and it doesn’t matter if McKinnon has more yards per catch and carry because he’s never been in a workhorse role so you have no idea what he will average as a “workhorse” back if he even gets there (my bet is on no). That’s like comparing James Conner 4.5 YPC last year to Bell’s 4.0 and saying Conner is better or assuming Conner would be more productive than Bell when given the volume.

What makes you think McKinnon will be the goal line back? He’s 5’9 209 and hasn’t done anything to show he’s a capable goaline back in the past. They have Matt Breida who they like as well and Joe williams who are both just as big and also have Kyle Juszczyk who can also definitely vulture goalline work. News out of training camp is that Breida is already the best of the group. There is now world where McKinnon gets more than 300 touches out of the backfield whereas Gordon is a mortal lock for around 350 touches. I do agree with you though that that this is one of the best situations he has been in in terms of competition since Asiata. Although we all know how that worked out.

It’s up to the risk profile. If you want to tell me that the 16th round flier is what you want because you are open to taking that big swing for the fences and don’t care about risk, I definitely can’t fault you. I’m a degenerate gambler so I know how that feels. But just go in with the expectation that you have a high chance of totally busting on a player who has not produced at the NFL level since joining the league in 2014 despite given every opportunity to. And RB is typically not a position where you find breakout players in year 4-5. Most talent translates pretty quickly when given the opportunity and McKinnon’s hasn’t despite numerous opportunities.

For me, I’ll take a top 10 player talent with guaranteed production at a 4th round cost all day every day. I’m willing to bet any amount of $ that barring injury, Gordon out produces McKinnon by a country mile.

At the end of the day, it’s your team man, do whatever you feel most comfortable with. You asked the question and I just provided my opinion. Sounds like you already had your mind made up and just came here to seek others to support it so sorry to burst your bubble on that one! Personally just don’t buy the McKinnon hype and I’m in the minority. But if you believe in him as you’re guy, then go for it. If it works out, he’ll definitely be a league winner for you in the next few years and you’ll have something to brag about.

In fantasy, my policy is always go with your guy and trust your gut. Better to go down with players you did your own research on and believe in than go down with someone else’s players, including the footballers. Many cases where I’ve totally disagreed with their analysis and went with my gut and been right but have also been wrong. That’s fantasy. Good luck and happy hunting!

Nah bro. My mind ain’t made up… I appreciate all the feedback. I clearly can tell your opinion on McKinnon tho lol. Im a HUGE Gordon guy myself but I’m also liking the free gamble I get with Mckinnon. He still snagged 50 balls last year and 1K yards and Cook went down week 4. A full season at 80 yards a game with his receptions would be just fine for me. I’m still eyeing MG28 at 1.07 given all the other keepers As well.

Appreciate your feedback nonetheless

Who else do you see at 1.07? That could be a huge deciding factor as well. If you think you can def get gordon at 1.07, then could consider taking the flier on McKinnon. But let’s say you can get like, a fournette or MT or something at 1.07, then I think the combo of Gordon + that would be too juicy to pass up…

(Ppr league mind you) The big dogs being kept (top 20) are David johnson, Zeke, Kamara, Michael Thomas (me) , possibly Hunt. On paper I think TG, Leveon, AB, Saquon are for sure gone. I keep saying I would go the best of OBJ, Deandre, Melvin. 1.09 and 1.10 would be forfeited for Hunt and Zeke… therefore Leo and Dal cook should both be available, if I drafted Hopkins or OBJ at 1.07.

10 team league

I definitely think keeping Melvin would be the play. Cause you can keep melvin and pair him with fournette if you want an RB. Fournette is a lock for 320 carries and all the goalline work. Couldn’t fault you for going OBJ either.

I’d much rather have that combo than McKinnon, Gordon + whoever is left in the 4th, which I imagine isn’t nearly as good.

Just my opinion though.