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Keeper Question!


12 them Superflex Full PPR


Keep 2 at pick 10
L. Bell 1st
K. Allen 5th
R. Wilson 5th
S. Ware 12th
C. Wentz 12th

I have the 2 I think I like best, but would like to see other’s thoughts


there are only 2 really to consider. bell and allen. i never keep QBs, and ware isnt worth keeping since he will probably lose his job to hunt. although if you know of anyone who likes ware this year in your league, giving up a 12th for a really food trading piece isnt the worst idea either.


You wouldn’t keep QBs even if its essentially a 2 QB league?


oh shit, sorry i skimmed that, didnt see the super flex. that changes everything. wilson becomes a really good value. and so does wentz. wentz stats should be much better this year. safer pick is wilson. and the best value. well, wentz is still a better value. you get him 5 rounds later, compared to wilsons 2 rounds later. i think for me it bell and wilson now. if you want to avoid injury guys, i might even go wilson and wentz.


Haha thought you might have, I should have worded that better. I’m leaning Bell/Wentz right now for the value/future value. But Bell/Wilson seems safest. Guys like A. Smith/Flacco/Tannehill were late 6th early 7th picks last year.


Bell and Wilson easy, Top tier RB and a high upside QB are a sweet deal.


The long term potential of Wentz wouldn’t entice you to keep him? It’s a 2 round penalty so Could be a 4 year keeper. And I think he makes the jump to QB 12-15 this year and 10th or better the year after? Is that too crazy? These are the things that make me teeter back and forth.


L. Bell and Wilson or L. Bell and Wentz, etiher way you will be fine.
I love wilson he’s really good at football, and he will be healthy this year, at least much more than last year. If you are thinking in future, Wilson still has tons of years playing and more upside than Wentz.


Agree. Wilson has actually done it. Wenzhou might.


I am just mitigating risk with Wilson. I have high hopes for Wentz, but will it be this year or next when he breaks out? I sure hope it is this year.


Mmmm, I know Wentz has really good draft value at the 12th, but with Wilson we are talking about a potential top 5-7 guy. Wentz is a potential top 15 for the next 2 years. A couple of mocks should give you a better idea on which other players you might have instead of Wilson or Wentz at those rounds.


I have been doing them and have to do it on an excell and guess at who other teams will draft. Typically if I keep Wentz I’m looking at Tannehill/Bortles/Flacco in the 5th with the other QBs being kept and drafted. I don’t ever make it to the 12th.


So it becomes do I use a 2/3/4 to pair with Wilson or one of those guys in the 6th. Or Wentz and then have to use one of those 2/3/4 to get a top 15 guy to pair with him.


If all the other top QBs are being kept, I think you should go with Wilson. I’m guessing other coaches in your league are burning 5th or better rounds for them. Would you be comfortable with Tannehill/Bortles/Flacco + Wentz as your starting QBs? This is a hard choice, sorry if I confuse you. :slight_smile:


Appreciate the insights. I’ll probably let training camp help decide. If there are glowing reports from Wentz and good chemistry I’ll keep him. He started off well last year so I think he has the talent. If reports come out that he’s missing throws or chemistry is a work in progress or something I’ll keep Wilson. I’m trying to trade Wentz so I get more picks plus the decision is made for me. :grinning:


That’s great! Hope oy obtain what you want and good luck my friend.