Keeper Questions. Who would you keep?

My league (ppr) just upped our keeper count from 3 to 4.

My team is in green. I’m leaning Keenan, monty, dobbins, lamar at the moment.

Would you go a different direction? Thanks everyone. I’m off to offer my opinion on other footclan keeper questions.


I think I’d keep the top 20 WR in the 14th over the mid-round QB in the 7th.

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Interesting…between your input and a friend of mine I’m reconsidering. What would you think about keeping monty, dobbins, robby, and hurts?

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I think you nailed it with that last thought. Montgomery, Dobbins, Robby and Hurts makes a lot of sense and keeps you with a lot of early draft pick capital to play with.

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Thanks for the input. For months I thought I had this figured out, but not so sure anymore. Hurts and robby could do just fine for us.

Looks like a single QB league, in which case I would keep a K or a D before I’d keep a QB–especially a QB with a 52% completion rate who will probly be benched for Flacco by Week 5.

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Oh…so kinda like Josh Allen’s 52% rookie year?

Taking a chance on a QB with legs in the 20th round is relatively low risk and could be fruitful.

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You are right.


No, nothing like that at all (and it was 53% for Allen)–Allen was in no danger of being benched for Flacco by Week 5.

(it was 52.8% for Allen - if we’re going to nitpick, let’s not round)

Yes, it is similar. The point is that Allen improved from a rookie to a sophomore, but was no great passer in Year 2. His improvement (god awful in the first half of his rookie year on any sort of deep ball, but got better) along with his proficiency on the ground (which you could argue Hurts has a higher ceiling for) made him a viable starting fantasy quarterback.

It’s a chance worth taking that the guy figures something out and can score some points by being dynamic at the low-cost of a 20th pick.

Also - any talk about a Week 5 benching for Flacco is based on nothing at the moment. Not sure where that timeline came from.

From the wisdom of Axe Elf, of course.

AxeElf from RTsports?

“From” is right. I have disassociated myself from them, and they are no longer authorized to market themselves as “the home of Axe Elf.” So if you see anything like that, let me know. They began to treat me more like a site feature and less like a paying customer, so I took my business elsewhere.

ah. there was just an axeElf 2.0 in the purple 3 RTFFC draft. thought it might have been you.

lol No, apparently just someone trying to recapture my glory from the 2018 Purple 3 RTFFC draft–The Draft They Will Talk About Forever.

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