Keeper RB help

Hey yall, could use some keeper advice. I have the following RBs to pick from as keepers and can only keep one. (Unless I trade Saquon (1st round value) and then I could keep 2)

James Conner - 9th round
Aaron Jones - 10th round
Marlon Mack - 10th round

I am leaning conner, but the way last year finished is scaring me a bit. Thoughts?

Definitely not Jones.

I’m leaning Conner on this-- the value is there in the 10th. That’s not taking anything away from Mack, but Pittsburgh runs the ball heavily and Conner fits the mold of a likely RB1.

Update: May have a deal in the works for Saquon so could be looking at keeping 2 of the 3.

Just curious why “definitely” not Jones? Concerns about LaFleur’s offense?

Big Concerns about LaFleur in general for me , anywaays. Jones is hurt a lot. Mack tore it up when he played last season, missed a few games, and torched it again in the postseason. he looks like the real deal to me. I think Indy’s offense takes a quantum leap forward this season( if that’s possible!) Luck makes a run at league MVP . the line is much improved from 2017. last season they made great strides which will continue and roll over to this season. Conner is a nice story and all, but the 2020 starting RB for the Steelers is probably not on the roster yet. I doubt Conner lasts this season.

I have a trade on the table to trade Saquon (1st round value) and my 3rd rounder (24th overall) for the 11th overall pick and possibly a mid round pick swap with me moving up a couple of rounds. It is risky, but if I do it, I would have the 4th, 11th and 17th overall picks with a loaded draft pool this year. I could get two top 10 wrs and probably a top 5 rb with those picks, and then use my 3 keepers on conner (8th), kittle (9th) and mack (10th).

I think I an going to do it… am I crazy?

This is Conner for me, no question. He produced when on the field in a stand-in role. He now has had the off-season for the offense to get more tailored to him. Yes he missed time, but so did Mack and Jones. Jones will start with split carries and Mack is never on the field in passing situations. Give me Conner here.

Connor for me as well. For 9th round value he’s going to be valuable to your team. I like Jones 2nd but I’d go Connor.