Keeper Rule Dispute

Joined a league this year I found through these forums. As it’s wrapping up the keeper rule is coming under scrutiny. I’ve copy and pasted the rule verbatim below:

Each team can keep up to 3 players , any player drafted after round 2 can be keep. All 1st and 2nd round drafted will be placed back in draft pool each each. Any player keep cost a 2 round ahead where they were drafted the year before. Any undrafted player keep cost a 10 round pick. Keepers can only be kept max 3 years. Any dropped player can not be kept.

Here’s the issue: I want to keep robert woods who I traded for. The commissioner is now saying that we can only keep players that we ourselves drafted and the rules forbid keeping traded players. I see nothing in the rules that says that, and considered his keeper value when I traded for him. He is claiming that this was always the case and that he explained it to a few managers who inquired about it back in september, and if I don’t like it I should just leave the league.

What do you guys think? Am I in the wrong here? I think if it’s an official rule he should be obligated to post it and it’s not my responsibility to read into his subtext or inquire about every possible eventuality. Should I stay or should I go?

Ask the rest of the league in this case. If it truly has been this way, they will likely say and who knows, maybe vote to get rid of that rule. Otherwise, I see no reason why you couldn’t keep him.

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Very odd that he would go into so much detail on writing out the keeper rule, with all the deal points outlines, but not put this part in there. Mentions players being dropped and what happens to them, but fails to mention traded players. Seems fishy. I personally think you should be able to keep Woods. If I am you I’m trying to find an incident (maybe look at league history if you can access it through the site) and see if there is a trade that went through where one of those players was kept this year. Help your case.

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I should clarify, this is a new league that was set up via these forums this year. So there isn’t any precedent (this would be establishing precedent). But I agree that specifically mentioning dropped players heavily implied traded players were fair game

Your keeper rules clearly need to be better defined. It sucks that maybe they were deficient or unclear before you made the trade. Entire league should be made aware and vote on updated rules.

Here are a couple resources I’ve mined for ideas in the past:

ahhh ok well then yeah that stinks.

I’m with you on this one but might be a tough battle to win considering this is a new league and it sounds more “He said, He said” type thing.

honestly my concern going forward is two-fold:

  1. The whole “the rules mean whatever I want them to mean regardless of what they actually say” mentality is troubling, especially when he’s not willing to put it to a vote and this isn’t the first time he’s responded to a dispute with “if you don’t like it you should quit the league”
  2. The fact that he stated it to people who asked him but didn’t update the official rules. To me, this is bordering on collusion because those owners had knowledge of the rules that wasn’t available to the rest of the league

This is very similar to how my keeper league is set-up. In my league you would keep Woods for the round he was drafted by the other owner, minus the 2 round deduction. (Side note: we do not allow keepers who were free agents or waiver pick-ups throughout the year).

You state “any undrafted player keep cost a 10 round pick” and “any dropped player can not be kept”. I would make the case Woods was never dropped and you didn’t draft him, therefore he’s a 10th round pick. That’s one hell of a trade to get Woods for a 10th next year…

This push back may get you kicked out of the league and that sucks. I hate commissioners who try and hold almighty power. Might be better to leave this jackhole to his “rules” and move along.

Here is language from our keeper rules:
- If a player is traded, the new owner still retains the option of keeping the player based on where the player was drafted that season. However, if the player has been marked a keeper for 2 straight seasons, he cannot be kept. Basically, a trade does not change anything about the player. The rules for how a player is kept and if a player is allowed to be kept follow the player no matter where he is traded.


Just sounds like a bad commish. Not a malicious commish.

Thanks for the input everyone, at the time I was the only one speaking up in the league chat and the commissioner was trying to shut me down with “you’re the only one complaining” and it was good to get reassurance here. The good news is a couple guys in the league ended up getting my back and convincing him to put it to a vote, which is currently 7 to 1 in my favor (12 team league) so it’s looking good.


Awesome. Exactly how a league should work.

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Just two cents here, but I don’t approve on a mid season vote. Since it’s a keeper this could have been brought up now and voted on at season end. It’s not a good idea to change rules mid season.

That was his reaction too and I agree the rules shouldn’t be changed mid-season, but my beef was that the rules as stated didn’t prevent keeping traded players, so this was less of a vote on changing the rules and more on interpreting them as they were stated within the league. In my mind he was the one changing the rules by claiming they were meant to cover something that wasn’t mentioned anywhere.

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This is the only part I can see that should come into play here concerning “undrafted or traded players”. Sounds to me like you have a gripe. Don’t see a thing in the rules about “traded players”!!! So…I think that’s your “disclaimer”!!!

If I misunderstood this…I apologize!!! Anybody else???