Keeper rule question

So currently how my league is setup is we get two keepers. Players drafted in the first three rounds are not eligible to be kept. The other main rule is a player must be drafted in order to be keeper eligible. You cannot sign a player off of FA after the draft and then keep him for your last pick.

So, my question is this, if a player is drafted and therefore keeper eligible, but is dropped to waivers at any point during the season, should that player still be keeper eligible if another team (or same team) pick him back up? Or should the fact that he is dropped to waivers remove his keeper eligibility?

As always thanks for the help Footclan.

I think that based on YOUR league rules, that player from the waiver wire is ineligible to be kept. Obviously there are multiple ways to architect a Keeper league. In your leauge it seems to be rewarding those choices made on draft day. And that is fine if that’s what was/is intended. Not rewarding in season moves - like a waiver wire additions.