Keeper rules question!

Hi! I’m a new commissioner starting a keeper league with friends. We’re following the baller preferred but had some questions about keeper rules.

What are some good rules for keepers? I remember the ballers mentioned that FA’s being kept at a couple rounds after their ADP value the following year. I’ve also wondered about trading players. Do traded players also trade their draft value or are traded players ineligible to be kept?

So seems like you are doing snake drafts for your draft. Since you mentioned ADP…

I have run a keeper league that does an auction draft for 8+ years… But I can still give you some tips.

So first thing you will want to decide is how many players you are wanting to let teams keep… Just 1 keeper, 2-5 keepers?

I do 3 keepers I think it’s a good middle ground. I would suggest you don’t go higher than 3 though or too many plp will be kept and the draft won’t be exciting.

2nd thing is how long can a keeper be kept. Can he only be kept 1 year can he be kept multiple years or can he be kept forever.

My league does 3 years. First year drafted(2018), Kept in 2019, kept in 2020 and then 2021 back in the draft… I think this is long enough to provide value for someone taking a shot on todd gurley when he is a no body but also not too long so that no one ever gets to draft him.

3rd thing is how do you handle FA and trades.

Trades is easy… Players keep everything associated with them when they change hands… It doesnot reset anything or lose anything… So if lev bell has a keeper round of 8 for him and gets traded to another team he still has a keeper round of 8… Also if he was in his 2nd year of keeper status… That status does NOT reset with a new owner… The player keeps that no matter how many times he is traded.

FREE agents…

There are tons of ways to do this… So just choose the one you like the best.

FA are the last round of your draft.
FA are the 10th round
FA are the 8th round
FA cannot be kept.

So my league does NOT allow FA to be kept… We like it this way as it still helps the owner during the season they picked up the player but also doesn’t allow them to have a massive advantage the next year just because they were the one who heard that OBJ might get more targets since Brandon Marshall got injuries… This way also makes you take risks at the draft on players but also you got to hold onto them even when they suck in hopes they break out … Example kamara was drafted in our league last year and then dropped week 3… I picked him up in week 4-5 and was able to use him to dominate that year but can’t keep him because he hit the waivers. Most leagues let you keep FA so I suggest you prob choose one that lets you do that… But if you do go down my leagues route it is very rewarding when you draft the new hot stuff and get to reap the value for years to come.

Last is how you will decide what round each keeper is kept in… There are a couple ways.

Usually plp make you lose the round in the next draft associated with the round associated with the player your keeping.

So here are some options.

  1. You can keep the player in the round he was drafted. Each and every year. Example… Todd gurley was drafted in the 9 th round in 2017 so he can be kept in the 9th round for as long as keepers are allowed to be kept.

  2. You can keep a player in a round he was drafted +1… And each year that goes up… Example todd gurley was drafted in the 8th in 2017. In 2018 he can be kept for a 7th. 2019 he can be kept for a 6th and so on and so on.

  3. Any player not drafted in rounds 1 and 2 can be kept for the round they were drafted in… Sometimes leagues do this so that the big names are back in the draft year after year.

  4. Last option I will give you is average adp… So you take the adp of the round the player was drafted in last year and there adp for this season and take the average of the 2. example kamara was drafted in the 8th round last year… His adp this year is round 1… So 8+1=9. 9 divided by 2 is 4.5… So you round down and the player can be kept in round 4. And you can do that again next year…

So again there are tons of options that I didn’t list but those are a few you can decide from.

Best tip i can give you is always make the draft exciting… Don’t make it so the draft is just plp drafting back up RB and WR or bench players… No one gets excited for a draft to decide between zay Jones and jj Nelson… No they want to draft Zeke and OBJ and studs… So just don’t water down the draft with whatever you choose.

If you have any more questions feel free to message me. More than willing to help when I can.

Wow dude that was incredibly helpful so thank you so much! I’m going think it over and talk to my league mates. There was definitely some info in there I hadn’t even considered. Thank you!

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Hey sorry to bother again but just had another question. How have you handled subsequent years’ draft orders? I’ve heard of people doing reverse standings for the first couple rounds and then random for rounds 3 on or just keeping reverse standings

@kybbor no worries… Ask away.

Since i am in an auction it doesn’t matter as much as a snake draft(which is your league) as we are just nominating players and you are drafting.

We do reverse order of last years standings… So 10th, 9th, 8th and so on… Last place gets first pick and first place gets last pic.
That’s what I believe is most fair
And that is how our league does it.

If you want to shake it up a little bit you could do 3rd round reversal… I just did that in a dynasty snake draft this year and It was kind of cool… Read this article. It explains it all

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask or message me.