Keeper scenario-- need your advice!

I’m in a keeper league-- you can keep up to 4 players. There are no round penalties for keeping a player, i.e a player kept is a pick lost. If you keep 4 players you don’t pick until the 5th round. Keep 3, don’t pick until the 4th, and so on. It’s PPR with 2 RB and 3 WR slots.

I’m planning on keeping these 4:

  1. Ezekiel Elliott
  2. David Johnson
  3. Odell Beckham Jr
  4. Dalvin Cook

This is my first year in a keeper league and I’m concerned about keeping 3 RBs and only 1 WR (again, I have 3 WR slots to fill). Anyone have any insight on this? Is it worthwhile to trade someone like Cook for a high-end WR2/low end WR1?

Not sure if i’m overthinking and should just go with what I’ve got, and have Cook as a lock-in flex play every week. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Anyone have input on this? Thanks

I would keep all 4 and have a huge smirk on my face when i did…these guys would all go in the first 2 rounds of regular league you are getting value on all of them since the values are even greater in a keeper league.

with the value you have and pulling 3 top tier rbs off the board you can trade one for a decent haul should you not love your wrs post draft…you are holding alot of power with that many pass catching rbs.

You can always find wr that hit later examples: anderson/pettis/samuel/MVS

I agree with @boardereric9; however, putting Cook on the trade block couldn’t hurt. Maybe you can get a steal. I would NOT recommend trading him unless you get a top 15 WR back. Lowest guy I’d accept is A. Cooper/AJ Green type of guy

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if you have a flex spot, dont worry about it. if you dont… dont worry about it lol. there is nothing wrong with having a bunch of RBs at a high caliber on you team. if there is one problem we all wish we had… its having at tough choice to make at starting RBs because they are all so good. and like said above, if youre really worried about it, put one on the block and see what you get from it.