Keeper Selection and Draft Question

I’m in a 3 keeper league and my best keepers are Chubb in 11th, Kamara in 12th and Conner in the 18th. We have 1 RB, 1 WR and 3 Flex so I can start 4 RBs. Here is the problem, I draft at the end of the first round turn. Based on my projections, best player available will be 2 RBs like Gurley & Kerryon or Dalvin Cook. Should I take best player available there and take 2 RB’s with the 1.10 and 2.1 to pair with my 3 RB keepers or pick Gurley and reach on Rodgers or TY Hilton (who would be the best WR available bc of keepers)? This is a 2 QB league as well.

I would take top tier RB and premier QB there…its always easier to flip a top end rb for wr later in the season if needed. If this wasn’t a 2 QB league I would have said take all the RBS and grab upside guys later for wr or trade.

I would tend to probably agree and take 1 elite QB there. I’d pair that with Gurley if he is there, if not I’d probably take a WR there if there is talent available. Hilton isn’t a terrible pick there for standard, might be better options available if PPR (Allen, maybe?). Wouldn’t reach much further than that though, Cook may have just as much upside if WR is pretty meh at the turn. Kelce would be the only other consideration there instead if available.

Thanks guys, I forgot to add, yes its a ppr and Kelce is kept. The WR’s would be Keenan and TY and Woods. I’m hoping someone drafts Rodgers before my pick so one of the elite WR’s like AB or Julio fall to me so I can grab Gurley and Julio/AB.