Keeper Selection Jeudy or Anderson

Stuck between keeping Robby Anderson for a 13th round pick or Jerry Jeudy for a 9th round pick, HELP!
12 team 1 pt PPR 3 player keeper league. Already keeping Jonathan Taylor (Rd 4) & Brandon Aiyuk (rd 15).

I view them pretty similar in regards to outcome. I’m taking Robby for a 13th strictly on draft value.

I agree. I don’t think Jeudy has a ceiling that is that much higher than a guy like Robby, so I’d go with the better value in the 13th.

I like Jeudy better, but I agree with everyone else so far - Robby’s value in the 13th is too good to pass up.

Yep, take the top 20 WR rounds later.