Keeper selection

So I have the 5th pick in this years draft and I’m trying to figure out who to keep. As of right now my two options are Kelce for a 2nd or Edelman for a 9th. I feel like the value for Edelman in the 9th is hard to pass up. Also, if I do go Edelman would it make sense to take Kelce w my 5th pick or go with Adams, Hopkins or DJ? League is a 12 man PPR.
Thanks y’all

I agree to take Edelman.

It also depends on the the other players that were kept in your league, but I would try to get a top WR/RB with the 1st round pick. DHop/DAdams/Chubb would be my choices there.

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That’s what I was leaning but I felt like I started over thinking it and wanted some reassurance lol. Thanks for the input.