Keeper selection!

Zeke, Kareem, Kamara. Single keeper, no time limit on how long can keep them.

What do you hav to give up?e

What scoring format?

Cant really go wrong with any as they are all basically the same age. When do you have to decide? now or before the draft. Zeke has that backfield to himself. Kamara is splitting with Ingram but clearly that didn’t effect him too much (not sure on Ingram contract situation). Same with Kareem, he only was the starter this year due to injury, so what happens next year. I think I just talked myself into Zeke as he has that backfield to himself and as long as he isn’t suspended again he should be great for a few years at least.

I am in on Zeke. I hope to get the others in the draft. Also, request a league voted rule change to 3 keepers, just a thought. Haha

I would answer with keeping Elliot. Kamara is great but is sharing a backfield, Hunt is amazing but hasn’t been consistent. I have Elliot in my Dynasty and I can say he consistently puts up 20 pts + in our scoring format. I would personally prefer the sole starter in the backfield who is getting the touches, is loved by his owner, clearly is the cog of his respected offense, and gets consistent production vs sporadic! Sure you cant go wrong with the other 2 but I would also say we don’t know who is at QB next year for the Chiefs, When will Brees retire? Elliot has a young QB and a Young O-line, so again you cant go wrong with but id go Elliot!