Keeper shuffle

12 Team: Half PPR - 2 keepers (one vet, one rookie) loose the draft round. I have the 12th pick overall

My rooking is a 10th round K.Hunt however, going back and forth with my vet.

Antonio Brown (1st rd) or LeVeon Bell (1st rd)

Bell contract and no show to practice give me some concerns.


I’d go with Brown. You have tremendous value with Hunt in 10 so picking 12th you should be able to add another solid starting RB or WR or both. Depending how keepers and the first round shake out, possibly look at Gronk. That would lock down the top player at 2 positions.

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Antonio Brown is the closest thing to lock in fantasy in my opinion. The volatility we’ve seen over the years seems to dodge him every year… coaching changes, backup QB’s, emergent RB’s and secondary receiving threats… none of it changes that Brown is the top receiver in the league.

Bell is nice, but I’d rather own AB.

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