Keeper Situation...Revisited

Please envision the draft board when answering this tough keeper question… I have the #2 pick in the draft. I traded my 2nd, 5th, and 10th round picks for a 1st (7th overall), 7th, and 15th round pick. I can either keep Juju in the 4th round or Aaron Jones in the 12th. Which would you choose and what kind of draft strategy would you implement (especially when it comes to that 7th overall pick)

  • I will take Zeke or Kamara at #2
  • Leaning towards taking Hopkins/Julio/Adams at #7
    -If i keep Juju at 4, I won’t pick until round 6 after my 3rd round pick
    -12 team ppr league

I would be keeping Aaron Jones in the 12th. That’s incredible value for someone who I think should be taken in the 3rd/4th round anyway. JJSS is likely a mid to early 2nd round value but JJSS + what you can get in 12th round is likely worse than Aaron jones + what you can get in the 4th round.

And if you’re already taking Zeke or Kamara at #2 for your base, you can then take one of the elite WR options at #7. Zeke + Adams + Jones + 4th round WR is pretty damn good start.

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I’d probably keep JuJu. The lineup would be solid, plus in the 3rd round you are looking at getting fairly equivalent value to Aaron Jones anyways. If you could have Zeke, one of the big 3 WRs and Juju, and you told me that I could still get someone like Freeman, Mack, Fournette or even Aaron Jones in the 3rd as my RB2, I’d be thrilled! You’d really only be drafting for upside after that anyways. You wont get an equal value if you had picks 3 and 4, as you would never get JuJu and one of these RBs for that capital.

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I’d keep Jones here. I like JJSS but the value of Jones + 4th round picks is going to be more than JJSS + 12th round pick.