Keeper Situation

Players being kept so far:
Kareem Hunt, Zeke, Gurley, David Johnson

Must keep a player and for a first round pick, the players I’m stuck between are Gronk and Devante Adam’s.

Rest of keepers for the league could be:
OBJ, Bell, Dalvin Cook, Brown

If i understand your question, you have to decide about picking either Adams or Gronk as your first round pick? If you have the option, I wouldn’t select either as a keeper in the first round. You’re likely to get either in the second round and it might open up a better player: Hopkins, Kamara, Gordon, Barkley, etc as your first round pick.

since you HAVE to keep someone, its adams. not the worst choice in the world, but for sure not great. adams has top 5 potential though with his TD chances. so at least i get that top 5 potential out of him.