Keeper Start up #1 pick

If you were the #1 pick in a keeper start up, who would you take? I wouldn’t go Bell because of age and uncertainty of his future… So it comes down to DJ, Gurley and Barkley… Kamara is also up for consideration but we don’t know how he will handle a full workload and I just couldnt see taking him above those other guys in a start up. It’ll be 2 keepers by the way

Either Todd Gurley or Saquan Barkley for us. David J, the way Cards’ utilize him is too much touch, Gurley has proven himself to win you a title down the stretch as well as solid production through out the season. Plenty options in LA as well to keep his touches down, but the yardage and explosive plays are there. Barkley has no mileage on him, and maybe the next BIG thing. Looking forward to others on this one.

I think it’s Gurley, Kamara, or OBJ personally. OBJ is just so young, plus WR can play in their prime for much longer than RB. Barkley is def right there, I just hate that we have no idea how he will do in the NFL yet.

OBJ, Kamara or Barkley.

Is this a Keeper or a dynasty? If it’s a full dynasty, I’m taking OBJ. If its just a 3-4 person keeper, I’m taking Gurley or Zeke. Barkley and Kamara aren’t even close.


Beckham and Elliot are the odds on best picks with their age and consistent elite production. Antonio Brown is a beast but I believe is 29. OBJ is 25 and that is a serious long term advantage. Elliot is running behind the league’s best O line for the next five years easily until free agency eventually takes guys like Frederick and Smith away from Dallas. If you believe the hype, take Barkley.

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I’m taking Zeke but you could make the argument for Gurley. I’m not taking a WR in first round given how volatile the position is; I think it’s way easier to find that top tier production elsewhere in the draft at wide out.

It’s Zeke or Gurley for me, full PPR I could be talked into OBJ but otherwise I’m not looking any further than those two. There’s no one even close